Flamenco Show & Sherry Cocktails

A show
of 8 Artists


Tablao Flamenco Sevilla Tickets

A Cast of 8 Prestige Artists

Created by Sandra Guerrero “La Negra”, a Sevillian dancer with more than 30 years of experience together with renowned artists and new talents in flamenco art.

In each performance you will be able to enjoy a cast of more than 8 artists who complement each other to offer the best flamenco show in Seville.

Tablao Flamenco

Let’s go into a tablao where everything is possible, the cry of the guitar begins, it cries for things far away, crystal lamps and green mirrors. Long dressing gown tails move, opening and closing of fans heels, heels hit on the boards, sevillanas, tientos, marianas, tarantas, tonas, livianos, petenera, soleas, seguidillas, all singing from Levante, all singing from the mines, all singing. The smell of flamenco, the flavour of Andalusia, the flavour of the Moorish guitar, purity, heart and grit.


Our menu of signature cocktails where the main ingredient is our sherry wines and a sensory experience of smells will transport you to the roots of our Andalusia.

A Singular Environment

We are in an exceptional location, in Metropol Parasol, better known as Las Setas de Sevilla, is located in the central Plaza de la Encarnación this monument is the largest wooden structure in the world, as a curious fact, during its construction were found archaeological remains of the Roman period and an Islamic Almohad house of the twelfth and thirteenth centuries, creating a museum called Antiquarium, located in the basement of the structure. Another of the locations to mention, in the surroundings of our flamenco tablao, is the Mercado de Abastos de la Encarnación, being the oldest market in Seville. Finally, as a complement to the view of our flamenco show, we recommend you to enjoy the Plaza Mayor and the viewpoint of Las Setas, among other charms that surround our flamenco tablao.


We are waiting for you in the centre of Seville, in Metropol Parasol “Las Setas” in Plaza de la Encarnación. Go to Google Maps.

The History of Flamenco

The history of flamenco goes back to the 18th century mainly through the provinces of the so-called lower Andalusia, having a faster influence in the cities with a seaport, which is why Seville has become one of the most important areas since the origins of flamenco. During the 19th century, this primordial flamenco was introduced by the gypsy ethnic group, which brought with it some Indian culture and mixed with the already wide Andalusian folklore introduced by the locals, the Muslim and Castilian culture… creating a unique cultural mix in the world. In 2010 UNESCO declared Flamenco as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

The Singing Cafés

The so-called Cafés Cantantes have had great importance in the evolution of flamenco in all its arts… singing, dancing and guitar playing, in the 19th century there is evidence of the first Cafés Cantantes being nightclubs where customers enjoyed flamenco shows at the same time as having a drink. In Tablao Flamenco Las Setas we offer in Seville an evolution of those first Cafés Cantantes, with flamenco shows performed by the best artists together with a premium customer service where you can be comfortably seated drinking the best signature cocktails, having as main ingredient sherry wine, offering a unique sensory experience … taste, smell, sound and a visual spectacle that leads to the roots of flamenco. Something very peculiar about the history of the singing cafés is their irruption in Paris, in 1889 the first flamenco show took place in the French capital and they came to open venues specializing in musical performance, dance and Spanish dance, in the following years great artists of Andalusian flamenco were installed in Paris and even having great impact in the Cabarets and Music-halls, even in the famous Moulin Rouge was frequent the realization of flamenco shows.

The Tablaos Flamencos

en el S.XXI

Seville is one of the cradles of flamenco and for centuries flamenco shows have been of great importance in the city as a tourist attraction, going from the old cafés cantante to more professionalised flamenco tablaos. Although the evolution is not always for the better, because when going from a more exclusive and personal show full of “duende” as those night clubs were, in some cases it has moved to the flamenco show in large format, taking it to large theatres where the interaction and flamenco atmosphere is lost… In Tablao Flamenco las Setas we have taken into account not to lose the origins of the duende and we have created a unique space where attendees can relive from the comfort and modernity of the 21st century, flamenco in its purest form and feel an experience similar to the Cafés Cantantes also called “Cathedrals of Duende”, along with a premium customer service enjoying signature cocktails during the performance.

Tablao Flamenco Seville

A unique show at the Centre

In Tablao Flamenco Las Setas we offer unique shows of the best flamenco, we combine performances where tradition and vanguard intertwine to offer an experience full of feeling and true flamenco. Flamenco dancers of international renown, with the best live music of singers and guitarists that delight the audience, is an intimate and exclusive show where attendees will be intoxicated by the magic of pure flamenco. The essence of the Spanish Guitar, the Flamenco Toneo and Andalusian Singing await you at Tablao Flamenco Las Setas. Our Flamenco Show Room is located in the historic centre of Seville, in historic centre of Seville, in Metropol Parasol “Las Setas”. Live the experience of our flamenco tablao in Seville with the best shows and performances.